The world’s first portable hydrogen inhaler

15 Juni 2022

The world’s first portable hydrogen inhaler
Until Kencos, hydrogen inhalers have typically been huge machines that are either unaffordable or require expensive trips to a clinic to use. Kencos 4 achieves unique, extreme portability whilst being able to produce enough hydrogen to provide possible health benefits.

Light and easy to use
Kencos 4 is light and can be carried around conveniently in your bag. The device is simple to use and maintain, encouraging regular use to improve lifestyle.

Different modes of use
Users can flick a witch to enable flavor mode, which allows for flavor cartridges to be installed and inhaled, giving the tasteless/odorless hydrogen a taste for the first time ever. For users simply interested only in health benefits, a hydrogen-only
mode can also be used.

Positive evidence of health benefits
Extensive research and testing has been conducted in cooperation with Tsukuba University of Japan for effects on skin, sleep, brain function and blood pressure. The results of these tests are available on request.