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Alat Kecantikan Wajah Plasma Kulit Awet muda La Lueur Jepang

The stimulation of this PLASMA is comfortable and will make adult women shine attractively.

“Plasma beauty method” is a beauty method that restores skin deterioration and obtains energy to regenerate beautiful skin.

We use oxygen taken in by breathing to decompose nutrients ingested by food, and use hydrogen extracted from food to generate electrons by ATP synthase existing in the inner mitochondrial membrane of cells, and ADP ( Adenosine diphosphate (ADS) is re-synthesized into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which circulates in the ATP circle, supplying energy to each tissue and acting.

Plasma beauticians take in the plasma generated from "La Lauer" into the skin and supply (e-electrons) to the mitochondrial ATP energy production circuit, producing the energy necessary for vital activities without the generation of active oxygen. . It is a beauty method that restores the deterioration of the skin and obtains the energy to return to beautiful skin when young

Plasma ions rejuvenate your skin.
Cell regeneration
The penetration of plasma ions into the dermis layer promotes the regeneration of skin cells, promotes blood circulation and collagen production.

Penetration rate up
By expanding pores and generating cell gaps (water (tissue station) and extracellular matrix (ECM) such as collagen), the penetration rate of functional cosmetics, hyaluronic acid, elastin, etc. is increased.

Improvement of skin trouble
The bactericidal effect of plasma ions can be expected to improve various skin problems such as acne and rash.

Facial Beauty Massage Baru Jepang Model Stick Terkecil Any-B Hitam

This Hand-Held Facial Stick-Type Device will help awaken the radiance and sparkle on all types of skin. This Household facial beauty appliance is made by Salon beauty equipment manufacturer.

A completely new hand-held stick-type facial device. It is compact and slim, it can be easily used extensively & liberally. It is also possible to care for the deep pores that are difficult to reach or access.

Mulut kering Xerostomia Problem Gusi dgn Saliora Beaute made in Japan

Karena air Ludah dibuat dari darah sebagai bahan baku di kelenjar ludah, jumlah darah yang masuk ke kelenjar ludah bertambah, sehingga air Ludah pun meningkat.

Selain itu juga memiliki efek relaksasi pada pengepalan, sehingga diharapkan saliva akan lancar keluar ke rongga mulut dengan cara membuka saluran saliva yang tertekan oleh clenching.

Selanjutnya diharapkan suplai oksigen dan nutrisi ke gusi semakin meningkat dan tercipta gusi yang sehat.

Pengaruh Ultrasonografi Resonansi Schumann yang meningkatkan aliran darah

Ketika gelombang ultrasonik langsung diaplikasikan ke tubuh manusia, getaran ultrasonik ditransmisikan ke bagian dalam, dan pijatan dalam yang tidak dapat dilakukan dengan pijatan tangan biasa.

Selain itu, energi getaran gelombang Ultrasonik menyebabkan gesekan antar molekul yang membentuk jaringan dan diubah menjadi energi panas, yang meningkatkan metabolisme seperti perbaikan aliran darah, pereda nyeri, pereda ketegangan otot, dan peningkatan fungsi kontraksi otot rangka.

Resonansi Schumann juga disebut "gelombang alam semesta", frekuensinya adalah 7.8 Hz, yang memiliki pengaruh besar pada bentuk kehidupan di bumi.
Untuk lebih meningkatkan aktivasi kerusakan gusi dan jaringan kelenjar ludah, kami meggunakan gelombang Ultrasonik 7,8 Hz, resonansi Schumann, bukan gelombang ultrasonik biasa.

Tanka T-Flex bracelets are expertly formulated with:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Chondroitin Sulfate

The powerful formulas of the T-Flex Bracelet will keep you doing what you love most.

Wide range clinical studies show that the combined supplements provide relief from pain caused by deterioration of the connective and cartilage tissue, as well as improve joint mobility providing significant effects in pain relief and functional improvement related to osteoarthritis of the knee, hip or spine and rheumatoid arthritis.

Endurance exercise-induced muscle damage may be reduce with MSM supplementation. Pre-treatment with MSM may reduce muscle soreness following strenuous resistance exercises and endurance exercise

Rp 495.000Rp 495.000

Tanka MULTI Collagen+ bracelets are expertly formulated with:

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil
Certified free of contaminants

Our MULTI Collagen+ is rich in the protein responsible for improving skin appearance and elasticity, contribute to structural support for connective tissue, ligaments and increased muscle mass.

Tanka Multi Collagen+ Bracelets with timed controlled release of up to 30 days are the most effective form of sustained Collagen intake. Scientific studies claim that the Collagen protein helps reduce arthritis pain, improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

RADON Hormesis effect for :

Cancer suppression, Rejuvenation/anti-aging, Pain relief and stress relief, Avoidance and cure of intractable diseases.

Efficiently generates Radon gas at high concentration.

Low-dose radiation exposure activates the body’s metabolism and promotes antioxidation and immune functioning in the body—a phenomenon known as radiation hormesis.

Radiation hormesis is the basis for therapies offered at locations around the world, such as the Gastein Healing Gallery in Austria, known for its radon therapy sessions conducted in a tunnel with naturally elevated radon levels.

Since 1953, the health center has been serving 10,000 people annually, without any sign of letting up. The spa offers proven efficacy in assisting the body’s natural healing capabilities by activating elements that ease inflammation and boost the immune system to reduce reliance on medication.

RADOCK-RA100 is a radon gas system that allows the easy and efficient absorption of radon.

Mechanism by which an increase in active oxygen causes illness and the body’s internal activation process based on radiation hormesis.