Facial Beauty Massage Baru Jepang Model Stick Terkecil Any-B Hitam

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Facial Beauty Massage Baru Jepang Model Stick Terkecil Any-B Hitam

This Hand-Held Facial Stick-Type Device will help awaken the radiance and sparkle on all types of skin. This Household facial beauty appliance is made by Salon beauty equipment manufacturer.

A completely new hand-held stick-type facial device. It is compact and slim, it can be easily used extensively & liberally. It is also possible to care for the deep pores that are difficult to reach or access.

◎Zone care:
A wide range of skincare is possible all at once.
You can take great care of large areas such as the forehead.
The cheeks are treated by applying electrodes from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the eyes and ears.

◎Emphasis on Pinpoint therapy
Delicately care possible for the specific target area.
The Tip of the electrode can have access to even the parts of the recesses that are difficult to reach, such as the nasolabial fold, the corners of the eyes, and the eyebrows and can be treated gently.

【Low frequency & electric pulse】/Two treatment modes:

1. Poration mode
Nurtures, promotes and stimulates absorption of cosmetic lotion and essence by the electric
pulses. In the poration mode, the extent of display will be in Blue light.

2. Cell mode
Low-frequency for tightening lift up.
In cell mode, the extent of display will light up in red.

It can be easily used at any time anywhere, because it is drip-proof, it can be used in washrooms and bathrooms. It can be used with wet hands, but it cannot be dipped or soaked in water.
As it is conveniently small stick type device, it can be easily carried without any difficulty.

It is a ready to use product, hence can use it immediately as and when required.

It is very effective on continued use on a daily basis.

Apply gel to the treatment area and apply the desired mode.

In the poration mode, apply your favorite cosmetic lotion.

● USB fully charge 2.5h
● Drip-proof specifications
● Size: Center length 175 mm φ24 mm